How We Can Encourage More Women to Join the Field of Radiology and Become Leaders?

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Editorial by Timothy V. Myers, MD

I have 2 daughters and have always ensured they had the opportunity to talk and become acquainted with women in leadership positions. They have met leaders in many fields including medicine, business and the clergy; areas where women frequently do not have significant leadership roles. I believed it was important to show them that leadership can and should be a normal part of their professional lives.

In radiology and medicine, the real issue is that the individuals currently in leadership positions are themselves largely responsible for a lack of women and women leaders in radiology. Women aren't in leadership positions because diversity has not been made a priority. Ensuring that women are in the field is the first step towards getting women into leadership roles.

When I joined a moderately large radiology group practice, a group then of approximately 35 radiologists, we had 2 women. Where I had a chance to affect policies in hiring, more than half of the radiologists hired were women.

Those of us in positions to evaluate and set hiring policies have to take the lead in ensuring a level playing field is maintained for all qualified candidates.

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