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Do you like your winter imaging conferences with a side of skiing? The Winter Imaging In Beaver Creek in Beaver Creek, CO may be for you!

The course are intended for practicing radiologists and radiologic nurses, physician assistants, technologists, scientists, residents, fellows and others who are interested in current techniques and applications for advanced diagnostic imaging.

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If you prefer a bit of sun for your imaging conferences, the NYU's Clinical Imaging Symposium in Nevis might be just what you're looking for!

There are many recent technological advances in imaging techniques and protocols which can be applied to current clinical practice. Maintenance of certification requires continued review of essential imaging techniques in all areas of radiology, including musculoskeletal, breast, PET, thoracic, and abdominal Imaging. This course is designed to demonstrate a practical approach to image acquisition and interpretation in various clinical settings using current up-to-date imaging techniques, while decreasing patient radiation dose.

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Looking to attend something prestigious? Give the Advanced Radiology Life Support (ARLS) from the Mayo Clinic a try!

Advanced Radiology Life Supportâ„¢ (ARLS) course is designed to focus on the unique, life-threatening emergencies that occur within a radiology department. It is designed to teach prompt recognition and treatment of contrast reactions. The ARLS course will discuss management of the sedated patient and the proper management of an airway in an emergency situation. The administration of contrast in patients with renal insufficiency including contrast induced nephropathy and nephrogenic systemic fibrosis will be discussed. Basic concepts of advanced life support will also be reviewed. This course is fashioned after the Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) course that has been successfully teaching physicians, nurses and allied health personnel patient management during cardiac arrest. This course will offer the current American Heart Association Basic Life Support (BLS) recertification training materials.

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Interested in body imaging and Hawaii?

This five-day course is designed for the general or specialized radiologist in practice, and is intended to provide an update on clinically relevant topics in diagnostic imaging. Leading radiologists from UCSF will address important topics in chest, abdominal and ob-gyn imaging.

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